We want to build the New St. Pete Pier

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Citizens for the St. Pete Pier is a Political Action Committee (PAC) with the purpose of delivering clear, cohesive, accurate information and clarifying misperceptions about the future St. Pete Pier (commonly referred to as The Lens).
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5 Myths About The New Pier

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Some things you might be hearing, that happen to be not true.




It’s a sidewalk to nowhere.

The latest design includes a restaurant, snack shack, 285-seat ampitheatre, boating docks, fishing area, educational center and tons more. The design team has heard our voices.


Overlooks Pier Task Force

The New St. Pete Pier design addresses and implements 40 of the 43 recommendations of the original Pier Advisory Task Force.


Spends $50 Million in taxes generated from everyone in Pinellas County.

Every dime of the $50 million has been set aside from taxes generated in the downtown area only. Not a penny comes from the rest of us in Pinellas County. THIS PROJECT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR TAXES.


Design & construction issues will never be solved.

Construction and design challenges are being mitigated by the collaborative effort of the design team, construction manager, and top designers and engineers in the Country. Some talk about the Canopy rusting or color fading, for example. The truth is that all construction projects have obstacles, experts are working through all issues. These first-rate professionals will not allow such mistakes.


Our voices have been ignored.

Around a hundred meetings over several years, along with ongoing public input, has resulted in many revisions and additions to the design. This robust dialogue has been and will continue to be helpful in creating the right St. Pete Pier.


Say You’re




Citizens for the St. Pete Pier is co-chaired by 15 local young professionals and supported by local leaders and major organizations. Join our list of supporters, say you’re with us. We need to show that there is substantial support to build the new St. Pete Pier. 

This campaign is being planned and managed pro bono by professionals and volunteers. Campaign funds will be dedicated primarily to materials (such as yard signs and information pieces), direct mail, myth-busting phone calls, and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

Vote on


August 27th


If you want to build the new St. Pete Pier, VOTE NO. The ballot is asking if we want to fire (internationally esteemed) Michael Maltzan Architecture. Citizens for the St. Pete Pier wants to keep Maltzan, and local partner Wannemacher Jensen Architects, on board to build the new St. Pete Pier. If you agree and want to move forward, VOTE NO.

For voting information, visit VotePinellas.com.